• SM-602


● Micro bottle sterilizer.
● Suitable for all kinds of feeding bottles.
● Can be sterilized for general dishes.

Power Specification:
● Rated voltage:220V
● Rated Frequency:60Hz
● Power consumption:350W

Material description:
● Machine cover:PP
● Teat tray:PP
● Tongs:PP
● Bottle tray:PP
● Middle base:PP
● Sterilizer body:PP
● Measureing cup:PP
● Inner container:Stainless steel

Temerature range:
● PP(Polypropylene):-20℃~110℃
● 304 Stainless steel

● Micro auto control, one touch botton to sterilize, easy for operation.
● High temperature sustained to sterilize about 15 minutes.
● The machine is provided with auto turn-off function.  Safety for using.
● Suitable for all kinds of feeding bottles.  5 bottles and accessories can be accommodated at the same time.

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